An article published this week in the Huffington Post hailed the benefits of nutrigenomics as the “future of personalized nutrition.” Nutrigenomics is the study of how our genes react to nutrients in the foods we eat.  Recent research has found that not all people respond to food in the same way, and that these differences are based on variations in their DNA. For example, some people contain a gene variant that makes them inefficient at metabolizing omega-3 fats. As a result, they may not reap all the benefits of this healthy fat even if they’re consuming the recommended amount.  Or perhaps they have a variant of the TCF7L2 gene, which means that their bodies don’t respond to whole grains in the way individuals without this variant would.  Nutrigenomics allows for a personalized nutrition plan that is based on your DNA. As a dietitian, I am extremely interested in this area of nutrition as it allows me to offer dietary recommendations that are based on the individual’s genetic makeup.  I have found that clients are able to develop a deeper understanding of how food uniquely impacts their health, performance and disease risk.  Currently, there is one standardized nutrigenomics test available in Canada, and it was developed by researchers at the University of Toronto. It is available only to Registered Dietitians, and only a handful of dietitians are trained to use the test. cheapest viagra for sale The older treatments came in the form of pills, which can be taken in a variety of different settings. Memory disorders are chiefly classified into following categories. online levitra Yet, since this is a particular irrevocable course of action, you actually shouldn’t actually bring it except together with unless online order for viagra you are certain that that you’re acceptable for it. Kamagra jelly is clinically tested and approved cialis discount overnight by professional urologists.  Fueling With Food is the only location in Kelowna that provides complete Nutrigenomix testing.  I have been using the tool for years now and am thrilled with the level of personalization it allows me to provide my clients. If you’re interested in letting your genes determine what you eat, set up an appointment with me for Nutrigenomics testing, using a small saliva sample. More about the package can be found here.  You’re one simple DNA test away from personal nutrition recommendations!