In BC, the title ‘Nutritionist’ is not protected, meaning that anyone, quite literally, can claim the title ‘Nutritionist.’ What does that mean for clients? It means that if you seek out the services of a Nutritionist, you may not be getting someone most qualified to give nutrition advice.  For example, Registered Holistic Nutritionists, or “RHNs,” are not educated to the same standards as Registered Dietitians. RHNs may use the designation “Registered” in their title  because their program of study paid the required fee to Industry Canada to legally trademark the title of the program. However, RHNs are not regulated under the Health Professions Act.  Dietitians on the other hand must be part of a regulatory body, just like doctors, pharmacists and nurses. Dietitians are regulated under the Health Professions ActDietitians Regulation and the CDBC Bylaws. In order to become a Dietitian, an individual must complete at least 4 years of study in Science at an accredited University, followed by a year long internship, where the student gains experience in a variety of clinical settings both within and outside the hospital.  Many dietitians further their knowledge by pursuing a graduate degree, which provides a more in depth analysis of current nutrition knowledge and may help them focus on specialized areas within the dietetics field.  You certainly do not want to take short cuts with your health. When looking for nutritional advice, be sure to seek out a Registered Dietitian to guarantee you receive the highest quality care.  To learn more about Dietitians in BC, visit The College of Dietitians of British Columbia. 

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