Let’s face it. Not everything we read online is true. And while many of us know that, it’s still easy to be taken in by popular ideas we see online or hear from friends. I spend a great deal of my day dealing with misinformation clients have found on Google or social media. How can we really separate food fact from fiction?

Misinformation affects many of my clients, but there is a way to spot your problem and seek reliable facts to solve it. First of all, we need to be more critical of nutrition information we stumble upon. Ask yourself:

  •   Is the website promising a quick fix or a miracle cure?
  •   Do I have reasons to mistrust the person, organization or company that runs the website?
  •   Are they trying to sell me something instead of educating me?
  •  Are the website writers unqualified to be giving me nutrition information? What is their academic training?
  •   Do they have facts that sound too good to be true?
  •   Does the information come from personal opinions rather than scientific evidence?
  •   Is the content missing reviews or verification by medical experts?
  •   Are the website claims based on a single study that may draw the wrong conclusion?

If you answer “yes” to most of these questions, the website may not be reliable.

Nutrition is a hot topic, and anyone who eats can have a blog, website, or book. It doesn’t mean that they are credible sources. In fact, CBC Radio did a segment recently that recommended dietitians as the only accurate sources of nutrition information…above even medical doctors.

Do you sometimes feel like you are drowning in nutrition misinformation too? Seek out a dietitian to get accurate, evidence-based nutrition information tailored to your health, body, and performance goals. If you are in Kelowna or the greater Okanagan, contact the dietitian today!

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