As a sports nutritionist and dietitian, I get a lot of questions about milk. Should we drink it or shouldn’t we?  While dairy milk is a very nutrient-dense beverage, full of protein, calcium, vitamin D, and B12, (and one that I, personally, won’t drink a latte without) there are alternatives for people who want them. There are dozens of dairy alternatives to choose from, making it hard to know which are the best options to optimize sports recovery and performance. I have hand-picked some of the best dairy alternatives for athletes to drink, many of which I have tried myself.

When choosing dairy free milks, you want to look for at least 7 grams of protein. Also opt for the unsweetened version to help avoid added sugar. My personal favorite flavor is unsweetened vanilla, which is available in most of the brands discussed below.

Soy Milk
 Soy contains all of the essential amino acids making it a complete source of dietary protein. It typically contains a similar amount of protein, while about half the amount of calories and fat than cow’s milk.

Silk organic unsweetened soymilk
– 8 grams of protein
– 1 grams of sugar
– 30 percent of daily calcium
– 45 percent of daily vitamin D
– 50 percent of daily B12- (This is especially good for vegans).
Locations in Kelowna: Walmart, Nature’s Fare, Choices Market, Save-On-Foods, IGA, Superstore

365 Everyday Value Soymilk Unsweetened
– 7 grams of protein
– 0 grams of added sugar
– 25 percent of daily calcium
– 50 percent of daily B 12
Locations: Whole Foods, Amazon (online website)
Taste: The taste of soymilk is typically creamier making it great for coffees and teas. However, some may describe the taste as beany.

Flax milk
 Flax milk contains many health benefits as it is typically fortified with many vitamins and minerals. It contains no cholesterol and is high in omega- 3 fatty acids, which is a great way for those who do not consume animal products to get their omega 3’s in. While most flax milks do not contain protein, I have found a brand that is available online that does allow athletes to still get their protein in along with all of the other great benefits flax milk provides.

Good Karma FlaxMilk + Protein Unsweetened
– 8 grams of protein
– 30 percent of daily calcium
– 25 percent of daily vitamin D
– 1200 mg of Omega 3s per serving
Locations: Natura Market (online website)
Taste: Some may describe the taste as nutty. I have found some milk alternatives to taste quite watery, however, I found this one to be a great texture. It is creamier than almond milk and would be great in smoothies.

Pea Milk:
 Pea milk is newer to the market and is great because it contains more protein than other alternative milks. Pea milks does not actually taste like peas and is actually one of the best plants based dairy alternatives for the environment. I personally have been seeing the brand Ripple in most grocery stores and it is currently one of the most popular brands of pea milk.

Ripple Unsweetened Nutritious Pea Milk
– 8 grams of protein
– 0 grams of sugar
– 15 percent of daily iron

*Note that the Canadian version of Ripple is not fortified with calcium, vitamin D, or B12.
Locations in Kelowna: Save-On-Foods, Choices Market, Nature’s Fare

Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk Unsweetened
– 10 grams of protein
– 35 percent of daily calcium
– 40 percent of daily vitamin E
– 110 percent of daily vitamin B 12
Locations: US only

Veggemo Original
– 6 grams of protein
– 45 percent of daily vitamin D
– 30 percent of daily calcium
– 50 percent of daily vitamin B12
Locations in Kelowna: Save-On-Foods, Nature’s Fare

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Taste: Pea milk is creamier and typically has a smooth taste. It can be described as a blend between soy and almond milk, similar in texture to a cow’s milk.

Almond Milk:
 Almond milk is one of the most popular dairy alternatives. While almond milk typically comes fortified with vitamins and minerals, it is not as ideal due to its low protein. However, the brand Orgain offers a protein almond milk through the use of pea protein that allows those who enjoy almond milk to still get protein in.

– 10 grams protein
– 25 percent of daily calcium
– 25 percent of daily vitamin D
Locations: Orgain (Online Website), US stores
Taste: Due to the added protein, this almond milk is a bit thicker than other brands of almond milk that contain no protein.


Hopefully you now feel more confident and informed on the types of plant-based milks available for athletes who are avoiding dairy. If you would like to ensure you are getting your needed nutrients on a vegan diet or while maintaining an active lifestyle, contact Okanagan sports dietitian, Tristaca Curley.


This blog post was written in collaboration with 3rd year dietetics student Cassidy Blackwin.