Eating Disorder Testimonial

Read what our clients are saying about their recovery with eating disorder / disordered eating.



I was connected to Tristaca through the NEDIC helpline in April of 2019. I had suffered an eating disorder relapse and was quite desperate for help. I was drawn to her services as she was experienced in treating individuals suffering from eating disorders and emphasized a non-diet, weight-acceptance approach. 


In this initial period, we spent very little time talking about food and instead addressed the things that were missing from my life which had caused me to develop an eating disorder in the first place. Namely, joy, connection, purpose, and self-esteem. 


Together, we discussed my fears surrounding my body, and my worth, while also confronting my dysfunctional relationship to food and exercise. 


I want to be clear that this was in no way an easy process and there were often times that we butted heads. This was due to the fact that Tristaca was quite willing to point out the cognitive distortions and beliefs that were keeping me trapped in a restrict-binge cycle. 


It was at this point that I left for university and relapsed once again. As my health and quality of life continued to decline, I grew even more anxious and depressed. I was suicidal. Tristaca was able to offer me added support during this time as I was facing medical withdrawal from school. She gave me the tools to ensure I was getting adequate nutrition so that I could finish the semester and return home to be with my family. 


Once I returned home, my funding ran out and I stopped seeing Tristaca. My health continued to suffer and my disordered behaviours consumed all hours of the day. I decided I needed to start seeing a therapist. But as I made progress in coping with my emotions, I remained unable to connect these strategies to feeding myself properly.  


It was at this point that I reconnected with Tristaca. Together we were able to continue repairing my relationship to food, restore my weight to its natural point, and help me to regain my health. 


During this point in recovery, it was clear that I needed wrap-around support. So, I continued seeing Tristaca and my therapist, as well as a psychiatrist, and my general practitioner. I also sought out literature that would supplement and cement the tools I had gained through treatment. The other clinicians I have worked with have all stated that Tristaca’s services seemed to expedite my recovery. 


My work with Tristaca and my success in recovery was greatly stifled by my resistance to treatment. Instead of listening to her and the other clinicians in my life, I continued to waste time, money, and energy on external regulators that exacerbated my behaviours and reinforced limiting beliefs I harbored around food and my body. I like to say that It took a lot of time before I was ready to trust myself and use the guidance Tristaca was giving me. 


With any recovery from a mental illness, the patient’s success hinges on their readiness and willingness to reconnect with a life worth living and face the fears and/or trauma that enabled the onset of the disease. Once I was ready to keep an open mind, learn to accept myself, sit with discomfort, and try new things that had nothing to do with manipulating my weight, I made tremendous progress. I was soon able to come back to myself and at the same time, grow into a better version of myself.  


All of this is not to say that Tristaca’s services are relegated to people with eating disorders. I encourage anyone who struggles with their weight, chronic dieting, or using food and restriction to cope with life’s struggles to reach out to her. 


Health and happiness are closer than you think. You just need the right people there to help you along the way. 


JM, Student. 




Biggest triumph though is that I’ve had 2 cycles! It took about 5 weeks from stopping the pill to get my first “real” period, and then about another 5 weeks for the second to roll around. Such a great feeling and I was so proud of this body for its hard work!

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My energy levels have been great, much more consistent and already I notice my training feels stronger and less draining. I am learning to honour my body more though, taking rest and recovery more fully and also fueling more liberally and intuitively.
I have noticed a HUGE shift in mindset around food, I really eat what I want or feel like, I’m eating regularly all day and find my meals are just more consistent, varied, and also not really such a big process. Some days I want more, some days less, some are more snacky, sometimes I won’t think about food at all from breakfast until lunch and then I eat because my body signals me to.
I’ve settled in a bit more to my own skin, did some shopping for clothes that fit more comfortably and also finding myself a lot less interested in how I look or what others might think. I know this is always easiest for me when I am feeling healthy and active, but I do believe that overall body image is getting better and can weather a lot more challenges than it could before.
I really want to send you so much gratitude and respect for all that you have helped me to achieve. It’s an indescribable feeling when you come up for air from restrictive eating and a past of food fear. I feel as though there is just so much more space and time in my day to allow me to be present and actually LIVE. I am still working on things, but I feel as though I have a lot more experiences and tools to help me keep moving forward – tools you gave me!
LP, Young Professional