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“Our team has noticed significant improvements in our on-ice performance since we began working with Tristaca. Through teaching us the effects various foods and fluids have on our body and mind, we are better able to prepare meals and make smart choices when eating in restaurants. Specific benefits include an increased ability to focus and the ability to maintain a high level of energy throughout competition. We recognize the impact nutrition has on achieving our ideal performance state and consider Tristaca an integral part of our team as we continue to work towards our goal of representing Nova Scotia on the national stage.”

Team MacIntosh, Competitive Curlers


After 20 years with IBS, I met Tristaca to go through a FODMAP protocol. We started the elimination diet in the month before a major holiday, but even with that, I had so much success that I was motivated to carry on. Tristaca kept me on track, and I definitely would not have been able to persevere without her focus and direction. As we moved through the process, Tristaca  made sense of the reintroduction of FODMAPS, and within three months, I had my list of trigger foods. Without a doubt, this has had the greatest impact on my quality of life. Tristaca was organized and efficient, communicated clearly, and was supportive throughout the process.

SB, Professional and Mom


“While training for IronMan Triathlons, I had many consultations with Tristaca both in person and by phone and always found her to be extremely helpful. I also utilized her Website for tips and am following her on Facebook which is a great way to stay connected to her between appointments. I always found the information I received to be very beneficial and always found it very easy to understand and follow.  Whether you’re training for the world’s toughest single day endurance event or just trying to get off the diet roller-coaster, I would highly recommend you give her a call!”

TC, Ironman Competitor



“The past year, I’ve struggled with fat loss. I was exercising hard everyday and had a very restricted diet as an ongoing experiment with myself to find what worked. Additionally, I used a plethora of supplements and was prone to injuries. Since seeing Tristaca, I’ve lost 10″ and 10 lbs of total body fat in 3 months! My diet has much more variety, it’s healthy and my body is getting the essential nutrients it needs. I haven’t had any injuries, I’m stronger and more energetic. Optimum nutrition is the most important component in order to achieve success! Thank you Tristaca; For your guidance, wisdom and helping me along my transformation journey!”

HA, Police Buyer



“I started seeing Tristaca about two years ago.  I was 25 pounds overweight and wanted to get rid of the excess without having to starve to death.  Tristaca showed me how to re-arrange my diet and still eat everything I wanted in smaller portions and still not be hungry.  I fluxuate between 158 lbs and 160 lbs and am very happy with my weight loss.  Yes, it’s a lot of work and you have to exercise but the benefits are great and you feel so much better. Tristaca has the knowledge on healthy eating to get you going.”

SG, Police Officer



“I have been seeing Tristaca on a semi-regular basis for over a year. The great thing about her is that no matter what kind of emotion, idea or struggle I bring to her, she never judges, and she always has a suggestion to talk through. She’s part friend, part therapist and 100% kindness. Tristaca has helped me dig deep into understanding myself and learning not to just look for a band-aid fix – she’s helped me learn how to change my thinking and my outlook on food.”

HR, Photographer



“Working with Tristaca has been a life changing experience! I have struggled with eating since I was a teenager. I tried many diets but I was never able to make sustainable changes. My perpetual dieting became increasingly stressful and began to take over my life. I developed many bad eating habits which ultimately resulted in an eating disorder. Tristaca helped me to understand what being healthy actually means and to develop balanced eating habits. Our sessions also taught me that my struggles with food were not actually about the food itself, but rather the result of difficulties with regulating my emotions and a distorted body image. With Tristaca’s gentle coaching, I learned effective ways of managing my feelings as well as changing the way I view my body and my health. These tools have allowed me to take the pressure off my eating and enjoy my life!”

LM, PhD student



“Over the past year, I have gone through a life changing experience with Tristaca. I came into her office with much different intentions. I thought all I wanted was a simple meal plan to help me better my control with my Type 1 Diabetes. But, we both soon realized that our meetings would be much more than that. Tristaca helped me discover my ongoing struggle with disordered eating. Her knowledge and support have been guiding me to recovery. I have never been so aware of myself than through this experience with Tristaca, I love my body and myself now. I no longer need to hide who I am. I can truly say that this experience has been life changing, and will always be something I keep with me. I would recommend Tristaca and her services with Fueling With Food to anyone looking to improve their health in any sort of way. Tristaca makes this a positive experience which you will only look back on as the best thing for your mental and physical health.”

KP, Student